The Big Bet

Rod Deville (double bass), Hernan Senra (Guitar & vocals) and Giggs Nother (drums).

Rod Deville (double bass), Hernan Senra (Guitar & vocals) and Giggs Nother (drums).

(Chino &) The Big Bet has for many years been the band to watch in the Blues and Swing scene in Barcelona, Spain. Taking the styles to another level  thanks to dedicated and skilled musicians. The group was formed in 2010 by Hernan (Chino) Senra on guitar and vocals, Rod Deville on bass and Marti Elias, and later Giggs Nother then Jake Klamburg, on drums, as a tribute to Robert Johnson on the centenary of his birth, the album 100 years was released in february that same year and they would go on to leave their mark on theaters and festivals throughout Spain and Europe for nearly a decade. Rod had to leave the project in march of 2018 as he relocated to Norway but every now and then the opportunity comes to swing that bass, most recently for the Bridges Festival in St. Petersburg summer 2018.

There are artists who have understood the ingenuity of Robert Johnson and who, like him, demonstrate that it is still possible to evolve the blues without distorting it … Chino & The Big Bet are among those , it’s undeniable!

Fred Delforge, Zicazine (review in French)
Review of the album “100 years – Tribute to Robert Johnson” 2011

The European Blues Challenge

After the great reception from audience and the critics to their project, in July 2012 they come out with the album Six, the first installment of a trilogy composed of 6 original tracks written and composed by Hernan and Rod on each album. Thanks to this new work the group is selected as representatives for Spain in the European Blues Challenge 2013 where the go on to secure the 2nd prize. No small feat in a contest attended by bands from 20 countries.

As a symbol of the consolidation of the export of blues and swing born in the streets of Barcelona, the musical project Chino & The Big Bet has been selected to represent Spain in the European Blues Challenge that will be held in March in Toulouse (France) ). The formation led by Hernán Senra, voice and guitar, and with the Argentine Rod Deville on the double bass and the young Granadian drummer Giggs Nother (all of them settled in the Catalan capital for years) will take their cool hooligan rhythm to a stage that presents a unique opportunity to reach programmers and festival organizers from all over the continent.

Eric Lluent, La Vanguardia, Jan 30, 2013
Generacion street jazz (article in Spanish)

Knock-out by wind section

The second installment of  Six is released in february 2013 – this time with a thunderous wind section performed by Arthem Zhuliev, Pol Prats and Big Dani Pérez. Another 6 new original songs to surprise and delight the audience. This swinging big band formation would later become the project known as Sax Attack. The third and final installment is recorded later the same year, this time an acoustic session showing the groups musical versatility.


(Chino &) The Big Bet have performed at festivals in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. A few of the highlights were Vintage Roots Festival (IT), Matosinhos Jazz (PT), Cahors Blues Fest (FR), Hondarribia Blues Fest (ES), Cazorla Blues Fest (ES), Summer Blues Fest (CH), Stadlblues Chill Out (AT), Jazz n ‘Blues Rallye (Lux).

Album Recordings


Dixon Dixit

SIX – 3rd roll

SIX – 2nd roll

SIX – 1st roll

100 Years


The Big Bet performing at Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona 2017. Rod Deville (double bass), Jake Klamburg (drums) and Hernan Senra (Guitar & vocals).

The Big Bet performing at Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona 2017. Rod Deville (double bass), Jake Klamburg (drums) and Hernan Senra (Guitar & vocals).